Private Joint Stock Company

Ternopilska Poultry Farm

adressvillage of Velyki Hai, Ternopil Region, 180 Halytska Street, email:

phonesTel: +38 (0352) 49-02-63 Fax: +38 (0352) 49-02-63
The first stage

Ternopil Agricultural Company “Ternopilska Poultry Farm” was established in accordance with the resolution No. 7 of the Regional Council of Farms dated March 01, 1971 and the resolution No. 3 of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies dated March 02, 1971 as Ternopil Inter-Farm Poultry Plant.

Construction of the first production hallbegan in May of 1971 and by the end of the year there were six poultry houses in the first workshop, where were 90 thousands of laying hens.

Division in the village of Petrykiv was joined in 1972.

In the 80th the Company passed into subordination of Lviv Trust of Association Ptakhoprom. Then for the maintenance of parent stock the Reproduction workshop of the township of Lanivtsi was attached (production capacity of 90 thous. of poultry).

In 1982 workshop No.3 (with production capacity of 160 thousands of laying hens) was put into operation, whose construction was initiated by the Regional State Administration. Then the Company moved to maintenance of new cross “Belarus-9”.