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Ternopilska Poultry Farm

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The second stage

According to the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukrainian SSR dated February 08, 1985, No. 57 base on the permission of the Council of Ministers of USSR dated January 15, 1985 under No. 542/96 Ternopil Regional Inter-Farm Poultry Plant was transformed into the State Agricultural Company “Poultry Plant “Ternopilska” as of January 01, 1985. At that time in the USSR there were only 4 of poultry plants with separate status out of trusts.

In the 1985 the workshop in feedstock production plant was opened on the territory of the Division in the village of Velyki Hai.

In 1986 the Company was granted the status of multiplication farm of the second order.

The end of the 80-th is characterized by the best development indicators: total production of eggs – 89 mln. of pcs. (1990), number of livestock held - 760 thous. of poultry with productivity indicator – 234 eggs per one laying hen.

In addition to production sphere, the Company also developed social sphere: construction of residential houses, dormitory, kindergartens was held.

But with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a general crisis of the economy in general and in the agricultural sector in particular began. It was also marked on poultry farm. Gradual and prolonged recession began – reducing the stock, problems with the supply of fodder.

The peak of the crisis was in 1998-1999. Most of poultry farms in the region and in whole Ukraine completely stopped their activities or went bankrupt. Ternopilska Poultry Farm was still operating at that time, even though the productivity and quality indicators were reduced.