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Ternopilska Poultry Farm

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The third stage


On August 13, 1999 according to the order No. 562 of the Regional Department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Ternopil Region that transformed the State Agricultural Company “Ternopilska Poultry Farm” was reorganized into OJSC (according to the “Procedure of ownership transformation into Open Joint Stock Companies”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 11, 1996 under No. 1099).

Year 2000 was a transition year - due to the fact that owenership form and management style where changed. However, the company was in crisis and thus, was showing low performing indicators: the average annual stock - 69 thousands. of hens, gross yield of eggs – 17.1 mln. pcs.

OJSC “Poultry Plant Ternopilska” was recognized as “Best Employer of 2000” in Ternopil District.

By the end of 2001 the process of privatization was fully completed. After the reorganization, a long-term development strategy starts to be implemented, including the stage of recovery from the crisis, restoration of production to the to the most efficient levels, expansion of production's capacity. In the rating of poultry farms in Ukraine, OJSC “Poultry Plant Ternopilska” is recognized as the most attractive object of the Western Region.

In 2002 the company was awarded the International Club Cup “Hy-Line” for successful development and promotion on the market of Ukraine.

In 2003 the company became a co-founder of Ukrainian Association “Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine”.

On March 29, 2004 a trademark “Dobre Yaitse” (*good egg) was registered

However, the unfavorable situation on the market, low price for the products and other factors led to a sharp deterioration in the financial condition of the Plant in 2006-2008, which reached its culmination in 2009.